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Reflections - 5-3-2020 - Who Owns The ePortfolio?

The reading assignments were interesting and thought provoking. When I read the question asking who owns the eportfolio I immediately thought to look at who physically owned the domain for the eportfolio and blog. The further I read into the articles it was apparent that we are speaking of another type of ownership. I believe I own my eportfolio because it is comprised of my work, ideas, and my creative touches. Although I am told what needs to be in the eportfolio by my professors, I have also been told that it needs to be my authentic work and am given freedom to make it what I want. The COVA Model is key in creating an eportfolio. I would not want it to be only reflective of what I think others want to see, I want the people who see to see who I am through my work. The eportfolio is a living document that I am asked to continue building and perfecting based on me, my views, and what I continue to learn.

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