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Changes From Blog to Site - Continued Growth

My first master's program course was interesting and challenging. I was a bit confused at the beginning because I was unsure if my ePortfolio needed to only consist of a blog or full web page. The professor provided great insight on my ePortfolio at the end of the course and stated that I should consider moving my blog to an actual site. I waited and asked around to see which site builder would work best for me. My two group members stated they were using Wix and that I should consider it. I began working on a free page, but noticed that I was limited when it came to edits and making it my own. I was finally able to apply for financial aid and was awarded an amount. I decided to use this opportunity to pay for an actual site and domain that would be mine to develop and grow.

This second course has opened my eyes and has enabled my use of COVA even more to continue modifying my ePortfolio to make it my own. I've looked at my peers' work and I know I have a lot of improvements to continue making. That doesn't mean that what I have been able to complete is not good, but it can be better. My group members and I are excited that we will have the opportunity to be a part of the same cohort and to provide much needed support and feedback.

I will continue using my ePortfolio strategies and knowledge to implement new processes at my current school district. With the continued move towards utilizing online resources as the primary form of instruction, I will continue to share with my colleagues so that we can provide a more effective instructional support for our students.

I wanted to share the original blog site that I used at the beginning of this program. It's wonderful to see the growth in such a short amount of time.

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